The Kenai Peninsula Foundation formed in 2008 as an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation. Since our inception, we have focused on growing the Kenai Peninsula Foundation Fund – an unrestricted, permanently endowed fund, that allows the most flexibility to determine how best to meet current and future community needs on the Peninsula. The funds listed below are advised upon by the Kenai Peninsula Foundation advisory board.

  • Kenai Peninsula Foundation Fund – This is our flagship granting endowment fund.  The earnings from this endowment are used to award grants through a competitive grant cycle to local qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofits.  This flexible endowment meets the current needs of our community as they arise. These needs may address any number of issues, such as: social services, hunger, education, arts, and humanities, environmental, and youth services. As this endowment grows, so does our ability to support causes that Alaskans care about.
  • Kenai Peninsula Foundation Operating Endowment – This is the vehicle for the KPF to become self-sustaining by growing a fund that is specifically designed to support our operations. The interest earned from this fund goes to support operating costs, such as: grant programs, newsletters, community events, office operations, marketing, and outreach. This fund is also used to sponsor training events for KPF and local nonprofit leaders. The Operating Endowment Fund is essential to achieving our mission and supporting our community.
  • Kenai Peninsula Foundation Non-Endowed Operating Fund – This is a non-endowed fund that we use for our short-term, operational needs.
  • Central Kenai Peninsula Wellness for Youth Fund – This field of interest fund will provide small grants to eligible organizations in the Central Kenai Peninsula. Eligible organizations will include youth-oriented organizations that are passionate about youth leadership, development and support for youth leaders in an alcohol, drug, and tobacco-free environment. Grants will be recommended by the KPF Advisory Board.
  • Soldotna High School Fund – A field of interest fund to support extracurricular programs that enhance educational and social opportunities for students at Soldotna High School. This fund is advised by the KPF Advisory Board.

Photo Credit: Greg Daniels