ACF Leadership Award for KPF

Each year, The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) selects leaders within the Affiliate community foundation program to honor for their dedication and commitment to their communities. To celebrate, the ACF Affiliate Leadership Award recipients receive $500.00 to recommend in a discretionary grant for their community. We’re happy to announce this year’s awards go to recognize these great leaders in their communities includes Kenai Peninsula Foundation’s very own!
Leader in Grantmaking: Someone who exemplifies the charitable work of other nonprofits through local grantmaking efforts:
  • Nathan Grilley: Nathan serves as the Chair for the Kenai Peninsula Foundation Advisory Board, bringing his leadership and collaborative skills to the group. Nathan is always ready to go with finding ways to give grants out when a need arises. He loves the community and is in constant contact with many non-profits to ensure that they can get all that they need from the local areas. ACF is honored to recognize Nathan for his leadership in grantmaking!

Nathan has selected Love Inc. to be the recipient of a $500.00 discretionary grant from KPF.

Other leadership awards included:
  • Leader in Philanthropy: Someone who exemplifies philanthropy by connecting donors with community needs and providing long-term sustainability through endowment building – Margaret Cox Rich, Golden Heart Community Foundation
  • Leader in Community Building: Someone who exemplifies bringing people and resources together to address community issues and challenges – Kim Reierson, Seward Community Foundation